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Event Chidcare

Providing Bespoke Solutions

Event planning is stressful. With all of the energy that goes into planning a wedding, christening or special function, care and activities for the youngest guests can become a forgotten detail. At Cheekychopschildcare we work with you and your venue to ensure the kids are well cared for so all of your guests have an enjoyable and memorable time.

When young guests are in attendance, having fully qualified staff to provide care and oversight for the children can ease your burden and responsibility and allow you to fully enjoy your event.

Knowing that guests are welcome and encouraged to bring their children with them can help make the decision to attend a whole lot easier. While many parents may be skeptical of traveling out of town without their children to attend a wedding or function, knowing there will be prescreened and qualified caregivers on site to engage their children can bring a sigh of relief.

When planning your event, let us take care of the kids. Whether you’re planning a christening, a wedding or an anniversary, Cheekychopschildcare can provide DBS certified, qualified and experienced caregivers to provide attentive childcare to the children of your guests and engage them in age-appropriate activities that will ensure they have a fun and memorable time.

When hiring childcare for your event, we will coordinate with you and your venue to create a bespoke package which could range from a single event nanny to a full mobile creche which has a secure check-in and check-out procedures and stations for the children, arts and crafts, entertainment such as construction, a story time area, indoor and outdoor sports . Depending on the age and number of children, we can also provide for a separate infant and toddler room to allow them to rest when needed. 

Whatever the needs are we will create an incredible bespoke package that will leave the children wanting to come again and yourself and your guests happy in the knowledge that the children are safe and having as much fun as you.

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