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What We Offer

Some of our most popular services. We provide all childcare cover except for childminders.


Full time Nanny

A loving person who will care for your children like you would and providing a safe, caring and stimulating environment in which they can thrive and develop

Sleeping Like a Baby

Baby Sitter

Your Children in Capable Hands whilst you get some well earned downtime

Part time Nanny

Providing all the care, support for your children in the times you need them, wrap around care, specific days, whatever your needs they are there

Kindergarten Guide

Nanny Housekeeper

For the busy family who needs help with all aspects of their household. A nanny who will provide care for the children whilst also completing all the day to day tasks required.


Temporary Nanny

For when you need that extra pair of hands for as long as you need them


Event Nanny

Caring for your children at whatever event you are attending and allowing you to fully enjoy your day without worry or stress

Mother's Helper

For a busy household who needs that extra person with them to provide shared care and help with running the household

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Mobile Creche

A fully bespoke service to care for as many children as you need us to at your setting. We provide a wide range of activities and cover

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