Wedding and Mobile creche

Getting married is one of lifes magical moments and a day that is never forgotten. From the beautiful bride stunning in her white shimmery gown with her gorgeous bridesmaids complementing, bedecked in pastel; the handsome groom, best man and groomsmen suited and booted, didn't they scrub up well; the father of the bride plucked up with pride like a peacock as he walks his daughter down the aisle; the mums with their new outfits and amazing matching hats; the grandmas tears flowing with joy for their little angels with grandad who has something in his eye; the family, the friends creating a kaleidoscope of colour  down each aisle to the little children running around faster than their little legs can catch them as mum and dad try their best to control them.

Often that decision to invite children or to have none at a wedding is the most difficult that you face. Not allowing them their often means that certain family and friends then can't attend and having them can mean frantic parents, crying, screaming and fighting as the little angels get over tired and need less stimulation.

Cheeky Chops Childcare provide a full range of wedding packages from hotel babysitters to a full mobile creche where we introduce the children in to the important parts of the wedding whilst providing careful constructed activities throughout the day and evening. We gently reduce the stimulation and activities so that the children can fall asleep away from all that dad dancing. 

We make it easy for you and your guests and ensure that the children have a fantastic time, create some individual art work, get involved with some team games, role play or hide out in a pop up castle whilst waiting for the dragon to try and set it on fire. 

This is really as bespoke as your wedding and why we ask you to get in touch so we can provide the perfect mobile creche for you. We listen to your needs and then come back with the perfect wedding mobile creche package for you and your guests. 

To book an initial call please fill out the contact form below or drop us an email. Once we have that we can take you for a coffee, go to the venue,meet you in town, let you describe your day to us and how you want it to run and then we go and prepare your mobile creche bespoke to your wedding plans.