Sometimes its the older children who get forgotten about at weddings and are told to go off and entertain themselves, they are bored, restless, don't have anything to do. How many times have you been to a wedding and your children or someones children are back every 5 minutes asking to go. 

We have the solution again through our chaperone services. 

We offer the chance for on site chaperoning with a series of activities to be done, games area set up, tablets and mobile broadband solutions, movies, crafts, theme evenings etc. We bring everything your children need to be kept active whilst still being able to put on their dancing shoes and dance the night away.

We also offer our chaperone service to be away from the event itself. Some of the activities we have done here is taking the children bowling, pizza hut, Laserquest, theme parks, zoos, visiting the beach, snow boarding, cinema and safari park.

Whether it is an evening chaperone or a full event chaperone we plan packages to allow the older children to be fully looked after and the parents to fully enjoy the day too.

Event Nannies

An Event Nanny is perfect for you if you are attending an event such as a wedding, christening, corporate etc and are looking after someone who can keep your precious ones occupied and allow you all to enjoy the event fully. 

Event Nannies are often supplied at weddings or booked by families attending a wedding themselves. 

They look after your children throughout the day, keeping them occupied and are often booked to carry on through the night to put the children to sleep back at your home or at the hotel you are staying at. 

All of our event nannies are fully experienced, qualified and background checked and have a real love for children. 

Chaperones for 12+